Top 10 Best Shortcut key for internet Browsing

Top 10 Best Shortcut key for internet Browsing

Hello friends, in this article we will discuss on the topic of “10 useful tips for internet Browsing”. As we know most of people who have computer or Laptop use internet and most of these find how to use internet browsing easily with internet browsing tips and Tricks. So below we are sharing the useful article “Useful Shortcut for internet Browsing”.

10 internet Browsing shortcut Keys

When you enter web address in address bar you don’t need to type full web address like htt:// You just enter middle name of example, if you want to open you could just tape Tipszones then press Ctrl+Enter (this tips success with only for .com address)

If you want to go in address bar in web browser just click Alt+D and type your required web address.

If you fill out online from or login any social networking sites, you can quickly move between each of the field by pressing TAB key and you can press SHIFT+TAB for move back in fields. Example-if you are login in facebook account you can click in the ‘Login ID’ fill and type your facebook ID’ field and type your face book ID and press tab to switch to the next field.

Hold down the CTRL key and press + to increase size of website or Blog text, you can also hold CTRL and press – button to decrease the size of text. Ctrl+0 will reset the text of web page.

If you want to go back in any web page can press backspace or press ALT + left arrow and to go to the next page you can use Alt + Right Arrow.

If you work a link of any website to open in next page or next tab. Then CTRL + Click on the link

You can press FS to reload or refresh a webpage or Blog.

You can press F11 to make internet browser screen in full screen. Again press f11 to return to the normal view.

You can CTRL + J for view download list.

You can press Ctrl+ H to view your web browser history.

Some Additional shortcuts

Press CTRL + B to open internet bookmarks

Press CTRL + F to open find box to search for text with the web page you are opened.

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Final Words

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These are the Some Best Shortcut key for internet Browsing. Hope this blog helped you a lot. What do you feel about this article just leave your comment below.

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