List of Top 10 Best Web Browsers

List of Top 10 Best Web Browsers

Our generation is almost totally depends on the services that we get cross the internet, might be anything that’s from surfing on internet to e-shopping. The internet has actually made work easy, closer and better place by giving access to anyone and everything. When we come to the internet all that strikes our mind is to open a web browser to surf anything. A web browser plays an important role to get most of your work done on internet. It helps you to find the right web page that you need to access depending on your work. Most of the people have a tendency to access to one default browser for a very long time. Especially in the time of our lives internet is so accessible but now most of us have never time to check for another better browser other than they are already use. The speed with which you can access your web page depends on the web browser you use.

Here are some 10 best web browsers so that you can choose the one which best suits you.

List of some browsers

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • Vivaldi
  • Maxthon Cloud Browser
  • Tor Browser
  • Sea Monkey
  • Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Edge
  • UC Browser


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Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox can be isolating choice now a day because it is user friendly. Firefox has best locking browser comparison off all the others. Firefox continues is the most privacy concerned and customizable web browser. It has tracking protection in private browsing mode and also it has interesting features like Hello Video Chat, a social sharing tool, free reading mode. It is very fast and makes sparing use of RAM. Many other improvements have also made their way in, some of these including a 64-bit version, process separation and an enhanced download protection. Chrome also displays all tabs no matter how many you have to open, which makes them difficult to identify when you have to open a lot of tabs. With Firefox the tabs are readable as you can scroll back and forth by clicking an arrow when you have too many to read open.

Google Chrome

Google has not built an amazing browser, it has also built the world most widely used web browsers and its users are constantly increasing every day. Google Chrome is fast including leading standard support; it also has security features and an attractive and clean interface. Chrome installation doesn’t take much of time; it’s done by first downloading a very small stub program which downloads the full browser. No reboot is required but its occupies approximately 400 MB which is very large. But as it’s among the heaviest browsers in terms of resource use, so it is not up to the mark on machine with limited RAM. Chrome started the trend of using the least number of browser interfaces. Chrome provides support like parental control and a wide range of settings to ensure maximum efficiency. It also lets you dress up the browser using themes that change the window background.


Opera is known for creating innovation in the web browsers. You can install it by downloading a very small stub installer, which then installs and downloads the full browser in a pretty quick time. Opera gives you a chance to choose from almost 50 plus languages. UI is brilliantly clean. Opera is pleasing to the eye. A reading mode and a social sharing button are the two interface features missing in opera but present Edge and Firefox. Opera is user friendly if you are using a mobile connection. It has an efficient battery saving mode which promises to keep your laptop going for a long time. It also an integrated ad-blocker. In case if you are browsing the web using a public Wi-Fi network, attackers can hack your data or direct you to fake website and advertisers which facilitates government agencies can track you. These are just a couple of the security concerns that a VPN can protect you from, but a VPN can also spoof your location, unlocking geographically blocked content.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer has bulked up its security features to fight against malware and phishing. None of the best internet browser would be complete without Internet Explorer. While Internet Explorer has a standard balance of standard features, the experience is disappointed by the limited speed at which its work. Internet Explorer might not be the fastest browser, but it does not be frugal on its features set. Internet Explorer helps you see the icons of your most visited sites based on your browsing history. Internet Explorer browsers works great with PC, touch screens and tablets with window 8 operating system. Although Internet Explorer 11 is clean, powerful, highly compatible and also demands less of your RAM and CPU than identical pages would on Chrome or Firefox. Internet Explorer has been diseased with more number of security difficulties than most of its competitors. Internet Explorer can’t be able to handle add-ons and extensions an many of its competitors.

UC Browser

 A popular browser which is used for both desktop and mobile devices. The UC browser apps were recently available for Android and it works quickly in sharing, quick browsing and also the UC browser for the iPad. Tabbed browsing helps you go through multiple pages in quick span of time, while a speed dial at launch gives you quick access to your favorite sites. The latest android version also offers support for hardware acceleration of page loading for devices with 2 GB Ram or more. The apps also auto loads the version of page that is most apps to your connection speed which is another interesting feature which comes in reach. The iPad version of the apps also has some great features such as social browsing.


As we all spend too much amount of time sitting in front of our web browsers and the launched Vivaldi wants to make that as personal and pleasant experience as possible. You can build your ideal browser with Vivaldi new and yet unique docking and tab-stacking. Vivaldi’s innovative tab stacking technology allows you to group up tabs and move them around to avoid the cramming that very often plagues other browsers. Vivaldi has the ability to adapt its color scheme to the sites you are using and indeed the structure of its interface is entirely up to your wish. It is not fast and it is not the most fully featured browser, it takes any official support for extension, although Vivaldi is relatively new and there is no doubt that it will receive further expansion as time goes on.

Maxthon Cloud Browsers

This browser is launched in 2008. Maxthon has been a new addition to the web browser platform. It is very small in size (almost 01 MB) installer mini program and also puts helper apps on your PC to update you with new notification when new version is available. The difference between Maxton and most browsers is that it has a toolbar rail across the left corner of its window with specific button for favorites, download, RSS feeds and notes.

Maxthons tab implementation is actually a very week feature. While others have been competing down their features for a minimalist, speedier experience, Maxthon takes the opposite approach- adding more number of browsing helpers as possible. Maxthon is available for window versions from XP to Windows 10 in both 32 and 64 bit editions, it’s also available for Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Maxthon mostly keeps up with the current run of web browsers on performance tests. Since it uses components from Chrome and Internet Explorer, Maxthon mostly updates with the current web browsers on performance tests.

Tor Browser

Tor is not just a browser but it is a whole set of browsing tools with security being its main motto. Tor browser looks like Firefox and works like Firefox because it is Firefox. Tor is an extensively modified version of the Firefox extended support release and a number of other privacy packages that sum up to make it the most secure browsing experience that you would love to find. Tor browser is perhaps most regularly associated with the underworld of the dark web. Tor browser is just a tool after all but as a secondary browser it is useful for those private moments it is a great option. It is useful for whistleblowers to complain about corruption and other illegal activities without getting fired or worse and to access the deep web. It is important to note that you don’t submit information to sites that don’t display a blue or green button in the browser address bar in order to indicate a secure https connection. For example Tor can give you access to the internet when your providers DNS servers are ruined and it can keep your browsing free from the advertising trackers that encroach upon so many sites.

Sea Monkey

 Sea Monkey was created in 2005 after the Mozilla foundation decided to focus on standalone projects such as Firefox and Thunderbird. Mozilla Sea Monkey comes with an accurate spam filtering feature and lets you organize email with tags. Sea Monkey is an all in one web browser with browsing, email and chat capabilities. Interesting features and defaults makes Mozilla secure and privacy conscious. Mozilla provides great support for HTML formatting and a strong message editor in general. Mozilla flaunts you with its user friendly filters and message tags to gathers and organize messages. Mozilla cannot strain outgoing email and lacks sophisticated message templates. The fully featured Mozilla address book also supports VCards and Palm synchronization. It also has a great spam filtering feature; you can turn off Java script and remote images as well as cookies and also enjoy a comfortable email experience. On the whole Mozilla is a fully featured email Program with good IMAP Support, powerful searching, strong HTML.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the default browsing experience on window 10. Being an odd one, edge is not available for older operating systems. Edge offers full integration with window 10. It happily runs as a modern scraped app on windows 10 tabled mode and also works with Cortana. Edge is super quick, hammers through benchmarks its integrated mode makes complex sites more agreeable and by sand piling it away from the rest of the operating system Microsoft has made sure that edge wouldn’t suffer the security breaches of the Internet explorer. Edge is the default and it will be available across Microsoft products right from PCs to smart phones to Holo Lens and Surface Hub. After Internet Explorer Microsoft has responsibilities to build back its users trust and the company says the days of conjusted, unnecessary taskbars and constantly changing home screens from atrocious apps are gone. Cortana is windows 10 virtual assistant, cortana pops up here and there as you browse with Edge thereby providing context when you highlight a word and choose to ask cortana or when you type in queries for weather and other common search terms in Edge’s search bar.


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