How to speed up your PC to make it fast work

How to speed up your PC to make it fast work

How to speed up your PC

Now a day computer or pc is essential for everywhere for doing work. But most of the people uses computer or PC has facing slow processing problem means his computer or PC work slower than now a day. Therefore you may call or contact the computer engineer or thinking to buy a new PC or computer which has high speed processor. In both the situation you spend lots of money, with the help of some tips or command you can speed up your computer or PC. In this article we are discussing some tips and tricks which help you how to increase speed up your PC.

Increase PC start up speed

In the beginning when you start your computer or PC a lots of programme is automatic started which may slow down your computer or PC speed or performance. Now we suggested some tips which help you to stop such unnecessary programme at starting of your computer or PC by help of these steps.

First go to Start > RUN > then type “msconfig” and click ok button. When you click the ok button the “System Configuration Utility” box will be appear then you go to “startup” tab and uncheck the programme which you do not want to load when you start your Computer or PC. Now you click the ok button and then you restart your computer.

Uninstall unnecessary software

There is a lots of unnecessary software is installed in your computer which you have doesn’t any use, such software in your computer not only taking space but also slow your computer or PC so you have increase your computer or PC speed by uninstalling these software. To uninstall these software and fix your problem you go to Control panel > program & features > uninstall the unnecessary software which you do not have any use.

Update computer and software regularly

Software update is very important to increase the speed of computer. Many times we see the update notification of software or application in your computer but many users avoid this notification by clicking the “Remind me later” button. To maintain the speed of your pc it is necessary to update the software or application regularly. The best way to update the application or software in your computer in “automatic update mode” Now you right Click on My Computer > Go to Property > Click on Application Update. Be sure this set to download and install application automatically.

Remove Temporary Files

When you run any program in your computer or PC it leaves certain files in your system which occupies some space of disk. After some time much number of programs and many no of files are stored in your disk, which decrease the system performance and speed of computer or PC sometimes its leads to system crash. Therefore it is necessary to delete the temporary files in your computer or PC. For this

Go to start > click on Run > type “%temp%” command > click ok

A folder full of temp file is open now you select the temporary file and delete. Now other way of doing this is open “My Computer” go to local drive “C:\ drive” select “Windows” folder and open and find temp folder then select all files which are older than the current date and delete all file except the current date after that all file go to recycle bin then go to recycle bin and empty them.

Close Graphic Infects

We know that in computer many animation shadow and 3D effect is used which look very good but in real it slow down the speed and performance of your computer. Now you follow these steps to turn it off…

Open run box and type sysdm.cpl then click ok, after clicking ok a new window is open then you select ADVANCE TAB go to performance section and click on setting button in performance section, now you see and adjust the best option and click ok. By this process you speed up your computer performance mare than the earlier.

Disc Defragmentation

When you install the program and delete after that some data are left in the hard disc of your computer. Disc Defragmentation is the process of rearrangement of data in your computer hard disc and reunites fragmented files that speed up computer hard drive and put them together again. You run it manually by doing this

Go to start > app program > accessories > system tools > disc defragment (select the folder you want to defragment and click defragment)


These are the some popular Tips and Tricks to increase the speed of Laptop or PC. Hope this blog helped you a lot. What do you feel about this article just leave your comment below.

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