How to put Amazon affiliate Ads in blogger in India

How to put Amazon affiliate Ads in blogger in India

I had already discussed regarding the benefits of including Affiliate programs in my earlier post. Let me repeat the same thing, if your blog is new and say it contains very few posts, you cannot include AdSense (the most used ad network for monetizing) immediately. Also, for developing countries like India and China, Google expects at least 6 months of active blog usage from the bloggers end; before approving their accounts.

So, it seems like you cannot earn money for the first six months. Even if your AdSense account gets approved, then also it takes time to grow traffic to your blog and hence monetize it. For blogs with ordinary traffic, we can’t expect even 1$ per day. It’s true, it takes a lot of investment (in terms of time) and you really need to be patient.

But fortunately; there are some other alternative ways of earning money from your blog as soon as you start writing. The best option being Affiliate Marketing. Famous Affiliate programs like eBay and Amazon


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lets you add product ads of your own interest filed.

Say if you are writing review about electronic gadgets or writing about upcoming gadgets, then you can select ads related to electronics from the thousands number of available option. The beautiful thing in affiliate marketing is you are even free to choose any single product (of your choice) for display and can change the same anytime. Usually they will give you 8 to 20% of actual product cost as commission; only if the product gets sold from your blog. But you won’t get paid for any clicks like AdSense does.

Let us now see how to include Amazon ads in our blogs (for Indian bloggers).

Step – 1

If you are new to Amazon associates. Signup to create an account. Do the formalities by entering your basic details, bank details and more as listed by them.

Step – 2

Once you are done with the standard procedures, you will be directed to the home page as shown below. There select the type of ad format that you want to include by going through either “Links & Banners” or “Widgets The best being Links & Banners.

Step – 3

Move the cursor over Links & Banners to get a drop down list. Under this click “Banner Links”. Amazon allows four standard sized banner formats. The best one being 300 X 250 and 160 X 600. But again ad size depends on your blog width, design and space available. For now, let us take 160 X 600 banner.

Step – 4

Click the link ‘160 X 600’ as shown below. Once you click this, the page will move to 160 X 600 ad zone. There you will be shown HTML code with the tab ‘Highlight HTML’ as shown below. Copy the code.

Step – 5

Now log in to your blogger account. Navigate to your blog and click ‘Layout’, which will display your blog’s layout. There click “Add a Gadget”.

Step – 6

Clicking ‘Add a Gadget’ will display a list of gadgets. Scroll down to see ‘HTML/JavaScript’ gadget, click that. Doing this will display a popup window like shown below. If you wish; you may give some title like ‘Advertisement’, ‘check this’ or any other similar title’s. You can also leave this blank. Paste the copied code from amazon account in the ‘Content’ space provided.

Step – 7

Click Save and you are done. If you view your blog, you will see a banner immediately. To change the location of the ad, just drag the html gadget in your blogger layout to the desired place and click ‘Save changes’

This is how we place Amazon Affiliate ads in our blogger account. The banner that we placed is not related to a specific product and will display ad about a general category like say books etc. To include more specific ads related to your blog’s niche, log in to your amazon affiliate account and go-to Links & Banners > Product links. Search the product that you want to include in the search bar and select the required one from the list. Get the HTML code by clicking ‘Get Link’ as shown below.

Then repeat steps 5 to 7.


Final Words

These are the best way to add Amazon affiliate ads to your Blog. Hope this blog helped you a lot. What do you feel about this article just leave your comment below.

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