How to Earn Money from Top & Best PTC Sites

How to Earn Money from Top & Best PTC Sites

If you are beginner and want to earn money from home then earning money from PTC sites will be a perfect option for you.

PTC sites required no knowledge and no experience to earn. People of all age, homemakers, students, retired person, etc can earn money from PTC sites.

If you are really interested in earning money from the best PTC sites then please read the below content carefully.

What are PTC sites?

PTC sites stand for Paid to click sites. It means you will earn money by clicking on ads without any investment.

For example if you are watching ads on television but no one pays any amount to you for that but PTC sites will pay you money for watching ads.

You can earn money from $0.001 to $0.02 by each advertisement of duration ranging from 5 to 60 seconds.

PTC sites are one of the world’s easiest sites to make money online. You will not find any other easy method to earn money online.

PTC sites acts as mediator between advertisers and viewers. Advertiser purchase advertisement credits to show their website/products to viewers.

How to register my account on PTC sites?

Registering on PTC sites will takes just 1 to 3 minutes. To register on a PTC sites just scroll below and find a list of paying PTC sites.

Open the PTC sites as list given below, click on registration or sign up button and fill the required details.

Some sites will ask you to verify your email address. After you have verified your email address you can login to that PTC sites by using your user id and password.

Remember that you can register only one account on a PTC sites per IP address or per PC. You can register as many PTC sites as you want but please don’t make two accounts on same PTC sites.

How to start Earning from best PTC sites?

To start earning money from the best PTC sites you need to login to your account then click on “View Advertisements” or “Earn Money” Tab.

Now you will be able to see some advertisement, different PTC sites will have a different number of ads on their sites.

Each ad can make you $0.001 to $0.1 based on their duration. So if you join a PTC sites which has 10 ads of value $0.02 then you can earn $0.20 from that PTC sites.

This way without investment anything you can earn money by clicking ads. You can earn $10 or even more from single PTC sites daily by using other methods. Those methods include earning from Direct Referrals, Rented Referrals, and Tasks etc…

How to increase my Earning from PTC Sites?

Direct Referrals are people who join PTC sites using your referral link. If your direct referrals click ads or complete tasks then you will get a certain % of Earnings based on your membership.

To find direct referrals you need to ask your friends to join a PTC sites using your referral link or promote your referral link on other sites.

You will find your referral link on “Banners” or Promotional Tool page. The more direct referral you have the more you will earn.

What is Rented Referrals?

Rented referrals are people whom you rent for 30 days. The price per rented referrals may differ on each PTC site but the normal Price to a referral is $0.20. You can rent referrals using your account balance (if you have) or by depositing money.

These rented referrals will click some ads and make you money. Sometimes rented referrals may not make you profit so please make sure that they are profitable before renting on your site.

If you are a beginner then please don’t rent straight away, take somebody advice or comment below.

How will I get paid from PTC Sites?

These days most of the top PTC sites are paying via payment process such as PayPal, Payza, BitCoin etc. you need to have a account on these payment processors to get paid for the work which you have done.

You can transfer your earnings from your payment processors to your bank account anytime.

Please make sure that you fill correct information while registering on any of those payment processors as they are like online banks.

Below you will find a list of best PTC sites from which you can earn money from home. You can join all of those PTC sites, the more PTC sites you join the more you will earn.

Please don’t create two accounts on any of those sites. If you want two accounts on same PTC sites then get another computer with a different internet connection.

List of Legal and Best Paying PTC Sites

1. ClixSense

Since 2007

In this you have to earn from Surveys, Offers, Tasks, Affiliates and more

Min Payout = $10

2. Neobux

Since 2008

Per Click = $0.001

DR Click = $0.0005

Min Payout = $2

3. Difbux

Since June 2017

Per Click = $0.005

DR Click = $0.0005

Min Payout = $5

Bitcoin Earning PTC sites list

4. BTCclicks

Since 2013

Per Click = 0.00000098 BTC

Min Payout = 0.0001 BTC

5. AsBTC

Since 2016

Per Click = 100 Sat

Min Payout = 0.00015 BTC

6. FamilyBTC

Since Sept 2017

Per Click = 100 Sat

Min Payout = 0.0004 BTC

There are many other PTC sites but those sites may not pay you. The above best PTC sites are very good and proven to be paying since 2013 or before


Final Words

These are the best way to Know How to Earn Money from Top & Best PTC Sites. Hope this blog helped you a lot. What do you feel about this article just leave your comment below.

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