How to check your blog/website indexing status

How to check your blog/website indexing status

You are reading this; it does mean you have already submitted your blog’s sitemap to Google Webmaster (if not – learn here) and you want to check the status of your blog’s indexing. Well don’t get confused anymore. It’s very simple and easy to check whether your website or blog has been properly submitted and indexed by Google crawler or not.

Just do the following steps:

Open Google search page and type the following code

Site: URL-of-your-website/blog-homepage

Say for example, if you have a blog with (.com) domain, then the code will look like


By doing this, you are requesting Google search engine to check and display all the pages/posts of your website; that has been indexed by Google crawlers. Google will then display the list of pages/posts. Note that you can see the total count of pages that has been indexed as shown in the picture.


The interesting thing is you can view the individual page or post search description/meta tags; and also analyse how they appear when somebody types a keyword in search bar as shown in the following picture. Therefore, analysing the search descriptions by going through the search results will helps you choose an appropriate search description/keyword.

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If however, nothing shows up in the search results (like the one shown below) then it means that your website is not indexed by google yet. You need to recheck the status of your sitemap as well as custom robots submission to Google webmaster.

There is another way to check your sites indexing status in webmaster. Login to your webmaster and go to site dashboard > sitemap. There, you can see the number of URL’s submitted along with status of indexing as shown below. But this doesn’t give much information (like search description, tags, number of pages as per searched keyword etc).



Final Words

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These are the Some Best Tips to check your blog/website indexing status. Hope this blog helped you a lot. What do you feel about this article just leave your comment below.

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