How to add Flipkart affiliate ads to your Blog

How to add Flipkart affiliate ads to your Blog

We had seen the differences between AdSense and affiliate programs. Like I said, AdSense won’t be helping you immediately after setting your blog, but affiliate programs do. They will encourage you to continue your writing and you will not get disappointed like most do. The thing is most of the bloggers expect to earn immediately after starting their blog, and unfortunately you can’t expect AdSense to help you in this regard. Building traffic and getting some money from AdSense is a time taking process and you need to be really patient and consistent.

During this process many people get frustrated and therefore stop blogging. So, I therefore suggest you to start with some affiliates. Flipkart is wide-spreading in India. It’s one of the largest online product selling website. According to Alexa Rank, Flipkart is one of the top 10 most searched online websites in India. Earlier, I never used to buy anything online, but now I have been ordering many books and gadgets from Flipkart, such is their service.

So, if we include their ads, then most likely we may earn some money at least in the beginning. They will pay you from 8% to 15% of the actual product cost. Here we will see how to add Flipkart affiliate ads in a blog.

Step – 1

Sign up to Flipkart Associate account. If you already have one, then sign in to your account. And enter the following information:

  • personal details
  • Contact number
  • Website/blog information
  • Your Bank account details

Step – 2

After doing the formalities, you will be landing in a page as shown below. Scroll down to see Affiliate tools section in left bar as shown below.

Here are some suggestions on selecting a widget for your blog

Flipkart offers zone

These are banner types which show only texts like “Exciting offers like clothing …”. They don’t show any specific product.

Bestseller widgets

These are rectangular or square ad boxes which show a specific product, especially a gadget with some offers, these do great in blogs. But only few (minimum four) product offers are allowed.

Featured Deals widgets

These are more or less similar to bestseller widgets.

Product links and banners

Allows browsing for a specific product and putting that as ads in your blog. But these are very small badges and are of least useful. Google recommends banners of sizes 250 X 250, 300 X 250, 728 X 90 leader boards or 160 X 600 vertical banners because they do performed well.

Static banners

As the name says they are static with general information like ‘offers’, ‘fresh deals’ etc.

Search bar

It’s just a bar that can be placed in your blog so that users can search for a product in that bar. I hope, this have little or no use.

Multi Product Banners

I like this kind off banners mostly; they are simple and allow us to select a specific product to display the same in our blog.

Step – 3

Let’s assume that you wish to put ‘Multi Product Banners’ in your blog. Click the link ‘Multi Product Banners’.

Then you will see the below display. Select your choice. Say you want to put a vertical banner, then check Vertical and then select the number to products to show; either three, two or one (I will consider three here), then click Continue.

Step – 4

Clicking this will display ‘Search Products to display’ as shown below. Type a product that you want to show, say IPad mini and then select the category ‘Mobiles’ in the drop down menu next to the search bar as shown. Click Search.

Doing this will display a list of available products with the name ‘IPad mini, Now choose a product that is more attractive, mostly bought by users and with low cost (offer price) and click ‘Add Product’

Step – 5

Your selection will appear below the search tab as shown below. Like this select at the most three products. You may select different categories too. For instance, I took a tab, a book and ladies wear as shown.

Women products like clothing, shoes, beauty, health and some products like electronic gadgets are the one mostly preferred in online purchases. Research found that percentage of online purchases by women is more compared to men’s purchase. So, do target including ads for women. But this may not work always; it depends on your blog’s content and niche. If your blog is say about an exam or education, then prefer to include books that are more related to your topic.

Step – 6

Once you select your desired products, scroll to the bottom of the page to find ‘Continue’ button. Click that.

Step – 7

After you click the continue button, you will see three formats of header ‘Flipkart’, select any one color. Then click ‘Review Banner’. Sometimes by clicking this, you may get a horizontal banner, If so close the banner and scroll to the top of the page and then check ‘Vertical’ link again, then scroll down and click ‘Review banner’. You should now be seeing the below shown display.

Step – 8

If you are satisfied, close that and click ‘Get Code’. A pop up display will appear with the code, copy that.

Step – 9

Log in to your blogger page and go-to blog > layout > Add a Gadget as shown in the picture.

Step – 10

By clicking Add a Gadget will display a list of available gadgets, scroll to see ‘HTML/JavaScript’, click that. Then you will see a pop up window with a space for content. Paste your code there and click save changes. There is no need to give title to that ad. Click ‘Save’

If you wish to re-locate the ad, drag it to the desired location and then click ‘Save changes’ in the blogger layout. Now view your blog only to see the ads displayed in the side bar! That’s it you are done.


Final Words

These are the best way to add Flipkart affiliate ads to your Blog. Hope this blog helped you a lot. What do you feel about this article just leave your comment below.

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